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Record your Submission

record automatic site submissionAfter you have submitted your site, you may want to record your submission. Check that the site you have submitted to is selected in the Sites list.

KnowboForm allows you to record your submission just in one or two clicks. Select the Submit Info tab at the bottom of the screen. Click on Add button. This will record the site URL or domain (SmDomain), profile ID (PID), date of submission (SubDate) and status of submission (Status) automatically for you. You can manually update the remaining submission related fields which you want to maintain.

When you add a submission record the Status is updated as "W" i.e. waiting for approval. You can update the status to any of the available statuses (discussed below) by using Submit Info context menu. The context menu is available when you right click on the caption of the Submit Info grid or within the grid (shown in the figure below).

easily manage thousands of site submission

Fig: "Submit Info" context menu is available when you click right mouse on the submit info grid or it's caption.

Don't forget to press the Save button after your submit info update is complete.

Update Submission Status

As your site submissions pass through various phases, you may want to record and update the status of your submissions. Available submission statuses are:


In addition to the above statuses KnowboForm also allows you to configure additional statuses from the Tools > Configure Profiles...> Statuses menu option. But that is not recommended.

Update Other Submission Info

Besides recording your submission and updating submission status you can also updated other submission related information.

Now you can update the submission record directly typing in the grid columns. The column headings are brief and may be inconvenient for the first time use. You will find the description of each of the columns in the Reference section.

Don't forget to press the Save button after your submit info update is complete.

Another alternative is to update on the Submit Info dialog. To display this dialog, once you select the submit row for the profile, follow the steps below:

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Fig: Choose Update from the Submit Info context menu to display update dialog

submission info - submission tab

Fig: Submission Info Dialog - Submission tab

Generally speaking you want to update the information on the Submission tab while you submit your site. Information on the Approval tab becomes known once the approval process is over. On the Review tab there are information about submission that are more dynamic in nature and may be reviewed time to time.

submission info - approval tab

Fig: Submission Info Dialog - Approval tab

submission info - review tab

Fig: Submission Info Dialog - Review tab


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