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Update Site Info

You can also maintain site related information on the Site Info tab. Web is a dynamic space and everybody appreciates that it is constantly changing. Site info what it is today may not be as same tomorrow. So you may want to keep the site info updated. KnowboForm database is reviewed time to time but still it is impossible to keep pace with the speed of change. For example, many directories may currently offer free listing today to attract your submission but tomorrow it may only offer paid listing or reciprocal only listing.

update site info, it is always changing

Fig: "Update Site" context menu is available when you click right mouse on the site info grid or it's caption.

Now you can update a site directly typing in the grid columns. The column headings are brief and may be inconvenient for the first time use. You will find the description of each of the columns in the Reference section.

Don't forget to press the Save button after your site info update is complete.


Another alternative is to update on the Site Info Dialog. To display this dialog, once you select the site row, follow the steps below:

site update is quick with radio buttons

Fig: Site Info Dialog - Submission tab

Generally speaking you want to update the information on the Submission tab while you submit your site. Information on the Approval tab becomes known once the approval process is over. On the Review tab there are information about site that are more dynamic in nature and may be reviewed time to time.

update site after approval

Fig: Site Info Dialog - Approval tab

However, on the Review tab some information can be automatically updated. The button Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN on this tab do this automation for you.

Once the Google, Alexa, Yahoo, MSN button is clicked it will update the Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Google Backlink count, Yahoo Backlink count, MSN Backlink count and the site description. So you need not to update those information manually.

update site after review

Fig: Site Info Dialog - Review tab


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