KnowboForm web site Promotion and Submission Software Tutorial

Login into KnowboForm

KnowboForm requires you to log in before you can use it. KnowboForm comes with two predefined user IDs: GUEST and ADMIN. Password has not been set for these user IDs. You can use any of the IDs with out entering any password to enter into the application. The ADMIN account is a privileged one using which you can create, drop, and manage other users.

login to knowboform site submitter

Fig: Login dialog

Note that, if you don't click on Login button but click on the Close button, you will still enter into the application although you will not see many user specific things such as site list etc. However, you are able to login from within the application by using Tools > Manage Users... menu.

Change ADMIN Password

The first thing after logging in with the ADMIN account is to change the password of ADMIN. You can do so by using Tools > Manage Users... menu and then using User > Change Password menu.

change password for knowboform site submitter

Fig: Change password dialog

Keep blank on the Enter password field as the initial password has not been set. Specify your new password in the Enter new password field and retype it in the Re-enter new password field. Click on Change Password button and you are done.

FAQ on KnowboForm User ID and Password


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