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Create a Profile


select profile before automatic site submission

Fig: Profile button and combo


You create a profile for your web site that you want to submit. In a site profile you store and maintain information that are required to be entered on the web form during your web site submission. There are some template profiles in KnowboForm that you can copy and change to create your own. Following are the template profiles available, note that the template profile names all begin with *:

Template Profile Purpose of the Profile
*Article To be used for article submission
*Directory To be used for directory submission
*Press Release To be used for press release submission
*Search Engine To be used for search engine submission
*Software To be used for submission to software download site that do not accept PAD submission
*SoftwarePAD To be used for PAD submission to software download site

You can also create new template profiles for many other purposes, for example, payment processing, personal information submission, and so on. KnowboForm can be used as a general purpose web site submission tool. This is because, unlike many other similar tools, KnowboForm's field matching logic is not hard-coded. Instead the logic is configurable by the user. We will discuss this advanced technique later.

Exercise: Click here to quickly create a directory submission profile


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