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Apply a Filter


filter and find sites where you want to submit and promote your business

Fig: Filter button, Filter/Find text box and Find button


Once you have created a profile, your next step is to select your sites to which you want to submit. Apply a filter to select a subset of available sites. There are more than 4000 sites of about 30 categories. Some important site categories are:

KnowboForm not only can filter out sites based on category but also on other site properties. For example you may want to select your sites based on whether the sites offer free submission or not, whether reciprocal link is mandatory, whether sites have good pagerank, whether sites display direct link to your site, whether the sites accept deep links, whether the sites accept multiple links from your same domain, whether registration is required and many more important aspects.

For this quick start guide let us select a subset of sites suitable for the profile created in the above example. Our subset is based on the following site characteristics:

Click on the link below to create and apply the filter.

Exercise: Click here to quickly create a filter

Filter Context Menu

Filter... and Find... buttons have context menu and the Filter/Find text box has keyboard shortcuts that can be handy. Filter Context menu options are described below:


filter before promoting your site

Fig: Filter button context menu


Note that Filter ID is the entered into the textbox with a $ prefix (e.g. $ALLDIR).


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