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Introducing KnowboForm Site Submitter


KnowboForm site submitter is a semi automatic web site submission and promotion tool with many interesting and useful features required to effectively managing web site promotion and marketing activities of webmasters and small business owners.

Unlike other submission tools in the market, that are built with only one specific submission objective in mind - such as directory submission, Knowboform is a multi-purpose submission software. It is created not only for directory submission but also for a suite of other means of link building and web site promotion. As of current version KnowboForm is optimized for the following submission purposes.

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Press Release Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Blog Submission
  5. Software Download Submission
  6. Software PAD file submission
  7. Serarch Engine Submission, and
  8. Others

The tool help you submit your site free of cost with ease and flexibility and yet maintain the quality of submission. Site submission was never been easier before. Choices of sites are enormous. There are already more than 5,500 sites in its integrated database. Most importantly those sites are being carefully reviewed and maintained to keep up-to-date. The KnowboForm team spends countless hours to save yours.

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