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KnowboForm requires User ID/Password to run. Where can I get that?

KnowboForm requires User ID and Password to login. This is useful if you want to divide your submission tasks among multiple users. That way you will have user wise submission count and other statistics that may be useful for controlling and user payment processing. This feature is especially useful for third party submission team who submits to thousands of sites daily on behalf of their customers.

By default KnowboForm comes with two user accounts WITHOUT ANY PASSWORD. The user IDs are GUEST and ADMIN. Using ADMIN account you may create additional users as required.

Some registered users get confused whether they should use their registration ID/PASSWORD to run KnowboForm. The answer is simply NO. Registration user id and password is different from KnowboForm user id and password. However if you like you may create similar (or whatever) id/password for KnowboForm using the ADMIN account.

In the README.TXT you may also find the id/password related information as below:

Guest User Account
Login ID: guest
Password: <do not enter anything>

Administrator Account
Login ID: admin
Password: <do not enter anything>

It is recommended to set your admin account password after installation. 


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