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Is there a way to enter multiple titles and descriptions that will be randomly chosen for filling?

Search engines do not like a lot of listings with the same title and description. So this is important to create variations of title etc. during filling up the submission form especially during directory submission. The functionality is built-in in KnowboForm. Possible entry variations are unlimited. You separate multiple entries with a single tilde (~)  on a single line between entries. You use the same field (Profile Specific Value for the Selected Field on the Profile dialog) to enter multiple entries. Not only just title or description, you can have multiple entries also for any field you like to have. When multiple entries are found KnowboForm randomly choose one.

Multiple titles and descriptions with your targeted keyword phrases help your site appears and ranks well in the search engine results and drive organic traffic to your site. It is highly recommended that you exploit this KnowboForm feature during your site listing and SEO campaign.


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