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How to obtain a KnowboForm Lifetime Free License (LFL)?

KnowboForm is a webmasters' tool developed by the webmasters and reviewed by the webmasters like you. KnowboForm heavily values your opinion about how a tool like this should behave and perform in order to achieve its goal of promoting your business. To get an LFL, the lifetime free license of KnowboForm, you need to be a registered member of knowbotron. You can register from either or from the, same login/password is valid for both sites. Once registered, download and install the most recent beta version of KnowboForm. Action on all or any of the following in order to grab an LFL:

1) Post your feedback on KnowboForm to this thread. Your posting should be about KnowboForm. You can post about the features you don't like, or features you wish to have, bugs or problems that you have encountered, things that you liked about it, comparison with other similar products, and any information you think will help us improve the tool.

2) It is also much appreciated if you post your feedback to any other discussion forum and group and let us know by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

3) You may also link back to or with a descriptive anchor text like: KnowboForm web site promotion tool or KnowboForm web site submission tool

4) Help KnowboForm users to effectively using the tool. Superb yet if you write an article on KnowboForm and let us know about the link.

Love it or hate it please do let us know. Either way you may be entitled to an LFL. It is being granted on a first-come-first serve basis to a limited number of beta users. Please check out in the forum whether the LFL campaign is still on.


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