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I advertise my product on Craiglist. How can I create a profile for that?

Currently, KnowboForm has readymade template for article, directory, press release, software, and search engine submission. Craiglist advertisement submission doesn't fall in any of these readymade categories. But you can always create new category of profile having new set of fields.


Click on PROFILE button to bring up the profile configuration window.


Create Craiglist specific following fields:

In KnowboForm you may add the above fields with the below suggested entries for FIELD NAMES:

But as you require selectively/sequentially select the email I would suggest you create 20 email fields like:

Unfortunately Craiglist input fields' technical names (it is the html "name" tag based on which KnowboForm auto-fill entries)  are randomly chosen.
This probably an effort to discourage automatic submission.

So you don't need to put any thing into FIELD COMMON NAMES field.

  1. To create a new field - on the profile form click on FIELDS tab (2nd tab)
  2. enter field name in the left-bottom blank field  and click on ADD button
  3. click on SAVE button
  4. perform the steps 1 to 3 above for all the fields you want to create


Create a profile

  1. To create a new profile - on the profile form click on PROFILES tab (1st tab)
  2. enter a profile name (say CRAIGLIST ) in the left-bottom blank field  and
  3. click on ADD button
  4. click on SAVE button


Include the fields in the profile

on the same PROFILES tab you should select the fields from the SELECT PROFILE FIELDS list box and click on  ( > ) button to include in the profile.

Your fields will be available in the PROFILE FIELDS SELECTED list.


Enter field values

  1. click on the fields in the PROFILE FIELDS SELECTED list box one at a time
  2. enter the text for that field in the PROFILE SPECIFIC VALUE FOR THE SELECTED  FIELD text area
  3. click on SAVE button
  4. select another field and repeat steps 1 to 3 above

CONGRATULATION you have created a new profile for CRAIGLIST AD posting.


Craiglist sites are not available in the KnowboForm site database. You can create these sites too. Since it is a new category of sites why not create a new category from PROFILE form CATEGORIES (3rd) tab. your new category may be as below:

Site Category: ADV

Ste Description: Advertisement

Save and Close the PROFILE FORM

Use the SITE INFO tab at the bottom to add the craiglist sites. As an example enter the fields as below into the EMPTY record (last line) of SITE INFO:

  1. Www = www.
  2. StDoman =
  3. Folder = /bos/ (BOSTON craiglist for example) or /bos/S/hsh/ (BOSTON craiglist,  Sale, Household terms)
  4. CID = ADV (category ID you created earlier)
  5. click on save

Similarly enter other craiglist sites.


right click on the SITE LIST and select CLEAR FILTER from the context menu. newly added sites will appear in the site list now. Double click on each sites and browse to the posting page.


Make sure that your profile is selected in the PROFILE combo box (left-top corner).
Click on the VALUE LIST button in the tool bar (the one with a black or red down arrow). This will attach a red arrow button before each of the input fields.
Clicking on the red button will show the context menu having all the fields you defined for the profile. Selecting the appropriate field will enter the field value into the text box.

(KnowboForm auto-fill button at the top-right corner of the screen will not work for craiglist as mentioned above)

From the tool bar also you can make use of value list pull-down menu. clicking on the field name will copy the field value into clipboard - from where you can paste the value (using CTRL+V or Paste menu option) in the specific field.

Finally post your entries.


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