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Is it possible to add additional sites to existing list?

Yes, of course. Click on the Site Info tab at the bottom of the screen. Enter the site information on the row marked with asterisk (*) and press the [Save] button when done. You should at least specify Site Domain and CID. Following are some of the important fields that are available for a site:


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Fig: KnowboForm Site Info Grid


Www - Enter "www." if it is required otherwise keep it blank.

SiteDomain - The domain address of the site without www. Example - ""

StFolder -  If for example the directory is in a folder you can enter the folder part here. Www, SiteDomain, and StFolder when combined together should give the proper site address that is browsable.

CID - Category ID, you can see the available category id list from the Categories tab of the Profile dialog. Example - "*GEN" for general directory.

There are about 50+ fields you can enter for a particular site. Each of the field has been described in the help file.

Once a Site is saved you can  clear the filter from the Site List context menu ( [Right Click] on the Site List and choose Clear Filter) to see your site in the list. You can later on update site information by directly editing in the Site Info grid or choosing Update Site from the context menu of the Site Info Title Bar.


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