Dicom Keyword Reference

Command: (Miscellaneous)
Command: Doc and Xpr Level
Command: Environmental
Command: Quantity Related
Function: (Miscellaneous)
Function: Date and Time
Function: Financial
Function: Geometrical
Function: Mathematical
Function: Statistical
Function: Trigonometrical
Physical Quantity:
Unit: Acceleration, linear
Unit: Angle, plane
Unit: Angle, solid
Unit: Area; second moment of inertia
Unit: Consumption, fuel
Unit: Currency
Unit: Dimensionless constant
Unit: Dimensionless prefix
Unit: Discharge, flow
Unit: Dose equivalent, ambient, directional, personal
Unit: Dose, absorbed, specific energy (imparted), kerma
Unit: Electric capacitance
Unit: Electric charge, quantity of electricity
Unit: Electric conductance
Unit: Electric current
Unit: Electric dipole moment
Unit: Electric potential; potential difference; electromotive force
Unit: Electric resistance
Unit: Energy; work; quntity of heat
Unit: Force; load
Unit: Frequency
Unit: Heat, density; energy per unit area
Unit: Illuminance
Unit: Inductance
Unit: Length
Unit: Luminance
Unit: Luminous flux
Unit: Luminous intensity
Unit: Magnetic field strength
Unit: Magnetic flux
Unit: Magnetic flux density
Unit: Mass
Unit: Mass per unit length
Unit: Photon emission rate
Unit: Power; radiant flux; heat flow rate
Unit: Pressure; stress; strength; modulus
Unit: Radioactive exposure (x-rays and gamma-rays)
Unit: Radioactivity (of a radionuclide)
Unit: Substance, amount
Unit: Temperature interval
Unit: Thermal insulance
Unit: Time
Unit: Velocity, angular
Unit: Velocity, speed
Unit: Viscocity, dynamic
Unit: Viscosity, kinematic
Unit: Volume; capacity
Unit: Wave number