Function: Financial

KeywordDescriptionSymbol / Usage
effectEffective annual interest rateEffect(nominal_rate[pct], nperi)
fvFuture value of a series of periodic constant paymentsFv(rate[pct], nper[int], pmt[USD], pv[USD], type[0|1])
irr1Interest rateIrr1(nper, pval[USD], fval[USD])
irrnInternal rate of returnIrrn(val1[USD], val2[USD], val3[USD],guess[pct])
nfvNet future value of periodic variable paymentsNfv( rate[pct] , pay1[USD] [ , pay2[USD] ] )
nfv1Net future value of a one time investmentNfv1( rate[pct] , nper , pval[USD] )
npvNet present value of periodic variable paymentsNpv( rate[pct] , pay1[USD] [ , pay2[USD] ] )
npv1Net present value of a future earningNpv1( rate[pct] , nper , fval[USD] )
pvPresent value of a series of periodic constant paymentsPv(rate[pct], nper[int], pmt[USD], fv[USD], type[0|1])