Function: (Miscellaneous)

KeywordDescriptionSymbol / Usage
araddAppend array elementsArAdd( arg1, arg2, [, array] )
ardelDelete a named array or unnamed arrayArDel( [array] )
argetGet an array elementArGet( pos [,array] )
arsetSet an array elementArSet( pos, [array,] value )
bodymassCalculate body-mass index or normal weight of human beingBodyMass( height[m] [, weight[kg] ] )
dimCreate an array (1 to 3 dimensions)Dim( columns [, rows [,pages]] )
iifEvaluate an expression depending on conditionIif(condn, qtyIfTrue, qtyIfFalse)
loopEvaluate an expression number of timesLoop( intNum, 'exprn')
printPrint a stringPrint( 'string' )
resReference to un-named arrayRes( )