Get Started Computing in Dicom Document

You can use Dicom Document to store and evaluate multiple expressions in a file. Expressions can be embedded in the formatted or vanilla texts allowing computation in a free form document. Write your texts as you like and wherever you like, enclose the required mathematical expressions by the start and end Expression Tags pair (by default [' and '] respectively), save the document, calculate, and you are done

Dicom Document can be plain text file with .TXT extension or it can be rich-text-formatted file with .RTF extension. That means you can calculate in a formatted document and also take this document in numerous word processors that support RTF file, eg. MS-Word, Write, etc.

Dicom Document has two tabs. The Input tab and the Output tab (see the figure below). Input tab is where you write your document with embedded Dicom expression. Output tab is where you get the result after Input is processed or the document is calculated. These two tabs can also be tiled horizontally and vertically for convenience. Select Document / Tile Horizontally or Document / Tile Vertically to do this. To get back the tabbed mode select Document / Tabbed.

Open Document

If Document is not already open, from the menu select File / New to open a new document. Depending on the startup mode, Document size, position and docking condition may vary.

Write Text and Expression

Write your text as usual. You may want to format it also. Use Format menu or tool bar for this. Write your expression inside the start and end Expression Tags. The Start Expression Tag is by default "an opening brace and a single quote" ( [' ), and the End Expression Tag is by default "a single quote and a closing brace"  ( '] ). However you can change these tags if you want to (from File / Preferences... menu). You can separate multiple expressions within the expression tags using semicolon ( ; ).

Following are some examples of expressions:

[' 1+ 2 ']
[' x = 5 '] [' y = 10 '] [' x + y ']
[' x = 5; y=10; x + y ']

Following are some examples of text and expressions together:

Interest rate [' rate = 12 pct ']
Present value of investment
[' pval = 1000 USD. ']
Period of investment =
[' nper = 5 ']
Net future value =
[' Nfv1(rate, nper, pval) ']

Save the Document

Select File / Save from menu or click on Save button on the tool bar.

Compute the Document

Select Document / Calculate Document from menu or press F8 while the cursor is in the document. The output tab will contain the processed document.
Click on the Output tab or Input tab to switch between them.